About Pierre Verger Online Store

The Pierre Verger online store is one of the marketing channels for Pierre Verger's works and products printed with his photographs.

The store also sells works that deal with Afro-Brazilian culture and religion by different authors.

The revenue from the sales of the products of this store is destined:

Helping to maintain the Pierre Verger Foundation, a Brazilian non-profit institution, to preserve and preserve its collection of negatives and photographic enlargements, Verger's personal documents, in addition to his library.

Collaborate with the maintenance of the Pierre Verger Cultural Space, maintained by the Foundation, where free art-education workshops are offered to the community of Engenho Velho de Brotas and regions of Salvador / Ba.



  • Fundação Pierre Verger Galeria

Portal da Misericórdia, nº 9, Loja 1
Centro Histórico
40.020-200 - Salvador – BA


  • Fundação Pierre Verger (Sede)

2ª Travessa da Ladeira da Vila América, 6
Engenho Velho de Brotas
40.243-340 - Salvador - BA


  • Loja Pierre Verger Forte Santa Maria

Avenida Sete de Setembro, s/n
Porto da Barra
40.130- 180 - Salvador - BA